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Who the Fook am I?

Argh ... I hate to be the center of attention

You know what I’d rather be?

The “secret” behind your wildly successful marketing!

If you’re on a mission to make the world a little bit of a better place through your products, services, coaching, teaching, and courses…

Then I’m here to help you succeed.

Let’s take your expertise, experience, and everything that makes you unique, and create a transformative experience for your audience…

From the moment they first hear about you to making them come back again & again ( yeah, unlike your ex,  my customers come back! and I'll give my exact recipe for this) 

A little bit more about me ...

Erstwhile entrepreneur ( sold my digital agency )

Trainer of India's Elite Entrepreneurs, Copywriters, Marketers & Coaches

Marketing Experimenter

Stoic ( I am slowly moving towards this life philosohy)

Copywriting Luminary 

Since 2006 I’ve marketed a metric shit-ton of products & services offline & online & made several $100's of millions in profits for my clients & mentees.

Currently I’m based in Kolkata, India & stay with my 13 yr old Son Daksh, my bitter-half wife Prema & and a playful labrador "Oscar" 

My Core Skillsets

Real World Performances in 2023

Media Buying:  Achieved ROAS (return On Ad Spend) of more than 5250% for one of my clients in Jan 2023.

Email marketing: Generated 6 figures from a dead list of 10k buyers using only 3 emails

Landing page: Beaten the conrol by 54% for a real-estate client 

  • Awards - Nominated for RASHTRIYA UDYOG RATAN AWARD
  • Achievements - have helped Google set-up AdWords certification exam in 2015 & launched Digital marketing training in association with Google.
  • Trained - Employees of Zee, Union Bank, Aditya Birla Group, PayTM, Emami, to name a few along with many entrepreneurs & students of IIM, IIT, Sri Sri University & several B-Schools across India.
If you have a killer product or service and you understand the importance of BETTER MARKETING that can destroy your competitors, let's TALK TODAY!

Would you like me to personally work with you to create a very powerful marketing that multiplies profits for your business every month?

Can we work together? Maybe!

There's a reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to work together as partners ( yes, I don't take up clients anymore) :

Any one or all of these

  • You should have a business that’s already bringing in good profitable money 
  • You should have a email list of 5K+ ( prefrably buyers NOT leads) 
  • You should have a good product that delivers on its promises.

(We will first squeeze in more money without spending a penny... either by tweaking your offer / message or milking emaill list)

If this sounds interesting, please send me a WhatsApp message on 9163233906 now ( theres a raeson I've not given this link as my schedule fills up very fast..so you have to do the hard worko of saving my number then send me msg...comon'on you can do this for making SHIT TON of money )

[  Remember, It’s NOT cheap ]

My monthly Consulting fee is in 6 figures & hourly consulting @5K/hr 

But if we work together.... The chances are very high that YOU’ll MAKE A LOT MORE MONEY than you’re making right NOW.  And I'll take only a slice of EXTRA PROFITS that I generate for you. Yep, I’m that good!  

Your's Truly In Action

I can sit here all day and "brag about my work",

but it’s easier to just let others do the job for me!

Let's get back to the FREE Newsletter Offer
What will get in inbox? Some digital cocaine!

Every week (perhaps, every day)…

You’ll hear from me as I share a piece of money-making wisdom I’ve learned from my 14 yrs of experience as a marketer who dived into entrepreneurship & digital in 2009.

Much of what I’ll be sharing will be beneficial to you, financially.

It could be simple ways to earn five or six figures every month writing simple letters for yourself or for your businesses …(tips on most important skill) 


How to run and grow your own online business profitably even if you’re starting from scratch


It could be the very latest money-making techniques or marketing tactics and strategies working in the game RIGHT NOW…

Whatever it is…

I guarantee that whether you’re…..

A freelancer,
A business owner,
A marketer,
A coach,
A consultant
Or anything in-between….
You will learn something that will add value to your business and your career.

One more thing,
And it’s very important…

Promise me that you’ll  use these secrets in ethical ways and that you won’t use them to defraud or take advantage of people. 

Say those words.

Do it.

Have  you done  so?.

I hope so. 

Marketing Music & Digital Orchestra

Marketing Music

Marketing you can use to build a local buzz or gain an international audience.

My strategies will help you find right audience with right messaging at the right time so that it all sounds like well played orchestra.

Digital Orchestra

Think of marketers as directors of an orchestra and all the instruments are buying emotions, while all the players are the buyers.

We call them to play on those buying emotions and weave it all together into music.

Few more nice words after putting GUN on their head 😉

YOU could be the next SUCCESS STORY... in just a few days!

Your Inbox will Thank YOU!

I have been getting requests from last 3 years to offer something online for the benefit of people who couldn't be physically present in my workshops.

So here I am with "Do BETTER Marketing" newsletter which has all my learnings of last 14 years as a practitioner, coach & mentor.

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